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Restorative and Relaxation Class Now Online

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

This is a class Grace and I have been providing monthly at the MahaDevi Yoga Centre and now we have moved to offering it online.

Grace and Aphrodite would love to support you at this time delving deeper into states of rest and relax using the breath and gentle movements for the body. You will need lots of pillows and blankets around you to use as we guide your body into restorative postures aiming to promote ease and comfort in your bodies.

We are also offering an optional extra little special something. Your own oil to use in class. At a cost of £5 to be sent to your home address.

Usually we do these classes with the essential oils circulating in the space. The oils can compliment the practices providing another means to support relaxation and a state of presence. During our studio sessions we invite you often to apply the oils to your skin and to use them to support breathwork. As we are virtually meeting this time we would like to offer you this opportunity of having an oil to use in class from the comfort of your home.

About the Event

Friday 29th May

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Price: Suggested donation £10

Details for receiving the oil:

The oil is optional (You can still Happily practice without it!)

Cost: £5 (to pay for oil, postage and packaging)

Deadline for post: 5pm 20th May

What do I do? Just let me know when you book!

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