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Yoga by the Sea
Yoga Classes

What is Yoga? In Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language) one of the meanings of Yoga is Union. It is a practise which brings the mind, body, breath and soul into unison. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a person. Working in this way it can bring about a flexibility and strength in the body, enlivening in the heart, focus of the mind and strengthening in our resolve in the world. It’s a coming home to yourself, taking a seat in your true presence. We all benefit differently from Yoga and I have a range of group and private classes throughout the week to support all levels and all bodies. Yoga is ALL INCLUSIVE so have a look and see what works for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to try Yoga and are not sure where to start.  

Yoga Class

Online or Studio

I currently have 4 adult classes per week, from Hatha Yoga to Yoga Nidra. All classes are streamed live via Zoom and limited small size studio classes are also available.

Clifftop Yoga

Online or In Person

Private online and in person 1-1 yoga sessions are available upon request and tailored to your needs. I use a variety of practises to support every individual.


Online or In Person

Private 1-1 or group classes using the Yoga for the Special Child® method. Each class is designed carefully with the adult's or child's needs in mind.

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