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An Autumn Detox

October 4th - November 2nd 2021

If you are looking into bringing more healthy habits into your life and create more energy and vibrancy in your body and mind than a detox cleanse is a great way to start. During the month of October along with a wonderful community of people, you can use using high quality supplements, oils, probiotics and digestive enzymes to create a more efficient functioning body! Sound good right?

Why detox:

  1. A powerful way to return to balance

  2. Give the body a break from habitual eating patterns

  3. Let go of certain dependancies or imbalances

  4. Give the body a break from toxins and stimulants

  5. Recharge and purify the digestive organs

  6. Eliminate stagnation and toxic residue in the body

  7. Improve metabolism

  8. Lose weight

  9. Improve skin quality, sleep, energy levels, and emotional stability

  10. Clear the mind and create space both physically and mentally

During the 30-days you will....

  1. Experience the benefits of using high-vibe supplements and pure essential oils to initiate and support a deep cleansing.

  2. Receive a cleanse guide e-book with recipes and nutritional guidance to create new beneficial eating habits.

  3. Integrate new health habits that will transform your wellbeing.

  4. Experience the power of creating a daily morning routine that will change the flavour and tone of each day.

  5. Form part of our growing wellness community and surround yourself with like-minded and positive people who are transforming their lives.

  6. Gain access to our private Facebook forum for daily guidance and inspiration.

  7. Receive free yoga videos to help in strengthening and aligning the body.


  • All new enrolees will receive a free bottle of Wild Orange essential oil when they order their supplements.

  • 2 FREE online breathwork sessions!


£246 (+postage)

– This investment covers the entire 30 day cleanse, with all your supplements, essential oils, and guidance included.

Click here to watch a video which explains more about the cleanse.

What a past member said:

"I had less headaches (in fact none ) whilst on the cleanse so my hormones are happy too. I’ve also lost 1 stone & this has positively affected my back pains. I've been able to try lovely new recipes and I love the fact I don’t feel ‘challenged’ or ‘different’ in this group for what I eat. My morning routine now includes oil pulling & tongue scraping. I've gained more knowledge on the right essential oils to use to support me and I feel more alive with so much more energy."

- Dawn Jeakings (participant in March 2021 detox)

If you're ready to dive into invest in your well being than click the button below to email me your interest. I will guide you how to order your detox package and also how to receive a free oil this month. To get all the supplements in time you will need to order by tomorrow (Tuesday 28th September) the latest.

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